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Safety & Info

Safety and Pest Information


Is it safe?

Pest control involves pesticides that might be harmful to you or your loved ones. Peninsula Pest Management technicians are licensed by the Department of Human Services and hold a Pest Control Licence to use pesticides. They have been thoroughly trained on properly handling, storing and applying pesticides. Peninsula Pest Management comply with The Department of Health Victoria’s mandate that we have a Pest Control Operator Licence.

Should you have any specific questions, such as how the pesticide could affect pregnancy, young children, the elderly, or allergies, please discuss pest treatment options with your pest control technician before work commences. We work with you to figure out the best available option so you’ll be a completely satisfied customer.


Why should I be worried about Termites? What damage can termites do?

Subterranean termites also known as White Ants eat the wood in your house from the inside out; leaving a shell of paint that is weak and unable to support the roof. They live in underground colonies and are attracted to moist isolated areas above ground. Termite colonies need contact with the soil to survive. They can build tunnels through cracks in concrete called “mud tracks” to gain access to food supplies and to protect themselves from open air. Brick and steel framed homes are equally at risk as timber framed or weatherboard houses. Termites will chew through other cellulose based materials in your home, such as your skirting boards, window frames and doors.

Do you have cover for Termite Infestation under your home insurance? We bet not.  Call us today to organise a timber pest inspection and keep the visits up annually.


I just had my house treated for ants last week/month and they are still there. Why?

Ants sometimes create their nests in the wall cavity. If after your treatment the ants continue to come out of the wall (sometimes up to 28days) rest assured your treatment is working as it has reached the nest and flushing the ants out. Please call if it continues after 30days, a call back treatment may be required.


Can you come and take away my bee hive without harming them?

Unfortunately we cannot remove the hives we can only offer the service of eradicating them. Click on this link for details about beekeepers to arrange swarm collection and removal  – South Side Beekeepers.


How can I get rid of a possum?

Peninsula Pest Management do not remove possums.

Possums living in the walls and roof of homes are super noisy and can attract rodents into your home. Removing them is not as simple as trapping and relocating them anymore, now they are a protected wildlife species. It requires a thorough understanding of possum behaviour. You can get more information from Wildlife Victoria on information on animal rescue operators in your area.


Do you accept credit cards and do you have a surcharge?

Yes we accept Visa and Mastercard. There is an additional 2 % surcharge.

Can I pay with my debit card?

Yes the technician’s carry around portable EFTPOS devices

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