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Termite Treatment

Evidence of timber pest damage and activity is encountered in 1 in every 4 homes, according to State Forestry Research. Termites alone cause more than $80 million of damage each year.

Peninsula Pest Management are the termite control experts – we use a technological approach to dealing with termite infestations and treatments that protect you. Because, when it comes to a termite inspection and treatment, you don’t have time to make mistakes. The speed and ferocity of a termite infestation is often underestimated and only an expert can perform the kind of inspection that is required. Peninsula Pest Management have been treating termites throughout our region using methods best for the home. While we are not the cheapest, we are confident that we are the best. Our track record speaks for itself!

Think you have termites?

  • Do not disturb the termites or their workings. It is very important that you DO NOT disturb any termite workings or leads before commencement of a treatment program. If you disturb the termites then treatment procedures may be rendered ineffective. In some soil conditions our subterranean termite treatments can hold up to a 10 year life expectancy.
  • Do not spray or pour any chemicals or pesticides on the termites or their workings.
  • Do not remove any timbers or other affected wood.

Thermal imaging

Peninsula Pest Management uses thermal imaging as a detection tool in the fight against timber-destroying pests.

Thermal Imaging finds hidden termite activity, condensation, mould and even wood decay. The technology can show that insulation has been correctly installed properly in new homes. It has even helped to locate a vermin carcass which we removed.

Our technicians are fully trained to use thermal Imaging to check walls, floors and ceilings for pest activity.  Even though this technology has the ability to detect termite workings, termite nests and sub colonies, we still rely on our training plus other ‘tools’ to establish the full extent of infestation.

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